The AAA Cleaning Adelaide Story

I started up a domestic cleaning business in 2012 initially to offer a higher quality service that was lacking in Adelaide.

My background is in small business, customer service and real estate, along with 10 years' cleaning experience.

In the beginning, it was mainly myself that did most of the cleaning. As I have always helped others, I found that the regular clients I attracted were those that really needed my help. Whether it was recovering from an injury, a family member with special needs, health issues, or a person living on their own that was lonely, I was helping them in some way. Not only because I was making their house clean but also because I listened to them and would help in any way I could. This made the work I was doing feel worthwhile.

Then as my clients recommended my service to others, my business grew and I could not continue to do all of the work myself. So I started to employ cleaners to help me. Again, I was attracting those in need of help. Single parents trying to support their families, men and women recovering from illness and others out of work with University degrees. They all needed someone to give them a chance and help them move forward in their lives. Since they started working for me, I have seen these wonderful men and women grow and become much more confident.

The business has grown and we now specialise in commercial and property cleaning services. My wonderful team of cleaners have helped me get to where I am now and I want to continue building on this.

I thought I would share my story with you to let people know that there are wonderful cleaners out there who are educated, compassionate and they love what they do.

AAA Cleaning has really lifted the bar on our cleaning.  The cleaners regularly do more than the brief, and are not scared to get in and tackle the dirty stuff.Dave Snoad, Managing Director, Pinz

We appreciate AAA cleaning's attention to detail and management of the introduction of a lovely cleaner to our office who works around our team in a very discreet and thorough manner. We are thrilled with AAA's quality and service and would happily recommend them to other businesses.Anna Dimond, CEO Palas Jewellery

AAA Cleaning provide a great service. The staff are very efficient and thorough. They are flexible to our requirements and easy to deal with. We happily recommend them for any commercial cleaning requirement.Phil Eiffe, General Manager, Direct Couriers Adelaide